Restaurant Nana

Welcome to Nana

Take a seat at the chef's table in front of Jonas Bokedal and experience modern kaiseki. We bring together seasonal Nordic produce, luxury ingredients, and exceptional standards to create an elegant Nordic-Japanese tasting menu, served in an intimate space at Västmannagatan, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Nana is a tiny hole-in-the-wall with sky-high ambitions and absolutely brilliant dishes on the menu"

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"An array of exquisite gourmet morsels"


Our menu

Our tasting menu is 1950 SEK. There are several different drinks pairings to choose from, including our mocktail pairing, which are expertly served by our hostess, Yrsa Heine. The menu must be paid for when booking whilst drinks are payable at the restaurant. Please note that Nana is a cashless venue.



Use the button below to reserve your seat. Reservations are available Wed-Sat, with one sitting per evening at 17.30. Groups of 6-10 guests may request a reservation for Sun-Tue, and the whole restaurant will be yours.

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